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A good friend, and fellow botanist sent us a picture this week from Edinburgh Botanical Gardens where he is based.


The Amorphophallus titanum, a.k.a. the Titan Arum or Corpse Flower (or ‘New Reekie’ as the Botanic gardens named it) is the world’s largest and smelliest flower.  You might not guess from the picture but it was 267cm tall.  7000 people went to visit it last week.  Nice to know that flowers can still obtain celebrity status.

It has now gone over so no need to rush off North for a visit.  The Shropshire/Herefordshire Marches may not be able to boast such grandiose flowers, though you may be grateful of this given its shocking smell.  We do however have some rather more subtle beauties emitting scents from under our hedgerows and woodlands…


Herb Robert and Wild Garlic are two of the more distinctive smells to be found in the undergrowth.

We still have some limited availability for late summer, so come to High Bank and enjoy some tranquility amongst the abundant (and only mildly pungent) nature of the Marches.

Sky Blue, temp finally a cooler 19c.         Time for G&T