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A very Happy Summer Solstice from High Bank.

Summer is in full swing in the Herefordshire/Shropshire Marches and nature is doing what she does best, dazzling us with life.  Amongst other things in the last couple of weeks we have been visited by Hedgehogs, frogs, Newts, Toads, Red Kites and two nests of Bumblebees.

The Bumblebees are particularly pleasing as we have been planting flowers specifically for this purpose.  Unfortunately one of the nests is in an old compost pile that is just ready for use.


The picture above features the Lychnis flos-cuculi, one of my favorite wildflowers growing well at High Bank.  The ‘Ragged Robin’ as it is known is a flower once common in the UK but now in decline thanks to modern farming.  The ragged form of the petals and the striped appearance of the receptacle/sepal at the base of the flower make it a particularly pretty plant.  Below is a close up of a dwarf form of the plant I recently obtained.



Centranthus ruber, in full bloom and attracting bees pretty much everywhere it can find to grow.


An unusual geranium P. Renate Parsley.

The landscape is glowing with a lush green calm.  A great time of year to visit the peaceful and picturesque Marches.

Have a Happy and Tranquil Summer Solstice.

With love from the High Bank Gang.

Sky Blue, temp rising.  Time for G&T