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Exciting times in the High Bank garden as one of our experimental crops flowers for the first time…


The beautiful apricot was given to us by our dear friend the Snail of Happiness as one of many ideas to broaden our range of crops as we work to increase productivity.  The plan is for the apricot tree to live permanently at the end of the long glass house where it can be trained in a 90 degree fan, to elegantly fill and shade out one end of the glass.

The variety of Apricot is ‘Moorpark’ a deep orange fruit blushed with crimson, a soft sweet flesh that should go well with ice cream and fig liqueur.

Because of its situation indoors it may require a little assistance with pollination and so tickling the flowers with an artists brush will do the trick nicely, also the windows and door will be left open to encourage some natural pollinators to buzz by.

Due to our new project being undertaken the glasshouse is to be relocated,and so the training of the tree will begin in earnest in late summer.


It is the first time the tree has flowered and although it won’t produce substantially enough for guests this year, it is an exciting beginning.  The flowers are beautiful too, with papery white petals.

Sky grey, temp 8c.      Time for a dram