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High Bank wishes all our guests, friends and family a very Happy New Year and a special thank you for helping to make 2014 such a good one.

2014 was a great year for outdoor types and guests were able to enjoy the beautiful Shropshire and Herefordshire Marches in all its bright and dry glory.  It was the year of the flower as much as the fruit, with an abundance of wild flowers to enjoy, in the hedgerows, meadows and woodlands throughout the Marches, an abundance of familiar species and also a few less common flowers were blooming well in the 2014 light.  herefordshire 3

Hedgehogs appear to have had their own baby boom  as we spent the summer with them dotted about across the High Bank gardens, getting up to mischief, hopefully the winter won’t be too cruel and there will be a real boost to their population.  Apples have once again proved the best power-crop, though not a commodity that is ever in short supply in Herefordshire.  The ‘Old Faithful’ tree produced not only in abundance but the fruits were larger than usual also.  The squashes came out their usual weird and wonderful selves, the seeds of this years quirkiest variety (Sharks Fin Melon) came as usual from our dear friend and eco-comrade the Snail of Happiness.  Not the most obvious ingredient in the kitchen, as any guests that purchased them around the harvest time, or friends who dined with us will attest, but an attractive addition to the veg beds all the same.

We have been busy in 2014 laying down the plans for the next phase of our project that we hope will begin to be implemented soon, hopefully making 2015 an adventurous year and one that will involve great changes and further evolution towards the twin goals of greater self-sufficiency and living in tune with our natural environment.  Also new luxurious guest accommodation.  More news in the new year…

And a New Year post would not be complete without a resolution.  So the same as always, as we step into a fresh new year we seek to tread lightly and ground every action in sincerity and love.
We hope your 2015 will be filled with positivity, love, contentment and fruitful self-sufficiency.  We look forward to welcoming you back in 2015.

Now taking bookings for Spring 2015.

Sky grey after days of clear blue.  Temp 6c.