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A new calendar year and a new moon falling on the same day create a great opportunity for fresh starts or the renewal of good intentions.  Statistically new year’s resolutions have a very short shelf life and little worth, however we usually create them because we have an ideal, a vision of ourselves or our lives that is better than reality.
So maybe approaching the new year/new moon with a head full of positivity will give our idealised selves the chance to exist in reality.  We have two simple thoughts at High Bank that are rooted in our belief in good-will and that we hope to be the foundations of our actions in 2014…
*Have kind thoughts and intentions towards others.  Everyone has a reason for doing what they do and being who they are, it is healthy to embrace what a person is rather than what you wish they were.
*Tread lightly as consumers.  In the midst of the fast and cheap consumerism pandemic it is more important than ever to take the time to think about what we are buying and make decisions as consumers that don’t have a negative or harmful impact on anyone or anything.

These are only two little ideals, but its amazing how quickly a moment of care and consideration is reciprocated.  Good will is infectious, with a little spreading it could be more revolution than resolution.

Have a Happy and Loving New Year everyone.

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