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Though thoughts would normally now be turned to festive things, High Bank is still knee deep in the apple processing industry.  More creative thinking is given to this fruit than almost anything else at this time of year, as we try to find new ways to keep and use and share this beautiful resource as far beyond its fresh life as possible.  Stewed, baked, juiced, jellied, preserved…


It is partially responsible for the quietness of the blog lately as things are pushed aside to get the prolific ‘Old Faithful’ stripped of its fruit.  The tree is now nearly bald, as are our fingers from constant peeling.
Any visitors, guests or friends heading to High Bank in the coming months can anticipate tasting some of the Old Faithful crop in one form or another.  Apple and Ginger Jelly, Apple and Plum preserve, Apple and Chilli Jelly, Apple Butter, Apple Cake, Stewed Spiced Apple… In Winter nearly everything tastes of apple.



…or maybe Squash!

Sky Blue/Grey, temp 10c.
Time for a Dram