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Apologies for the High Bank blog silence, we have been distracted little busy bees, taking stock of the High Bank project and processing the plentiful produce.  More on this later but for now lets sit back and enjoy the pleasures of the season…

Mortimers Forest on the edge of the village is back to it’s fiery autumnal brilliance, all conversation ceases as you walk along and fall under its illuminating canopy.  I am unashamedly in love with trees and this is the time of year when my favorite tree of all Fagus sylvatica (the beech) shines most brightly.  At any point in the year this species is stunning, the polished leaves, smooth trunk and magnificent layered branching habit make it a star player in the woods, but come the autumn it is unsurpassed by anything else in the woodland.

The ground is a constant ‘through leaves’ moment with a crisp and crunching bronze layer of tranquil kick-able happiness underfoot.  Maude (the High Bank Spaniel) does her best chameleon impression and almost vanishes from the picture…



The English woodland in Autumn is a very special thing.  The sounds and smells, along with the colours, represent the slowing of the season, the preparations for winter, the transience of life and the fleeting beauty of what occurs around us and why we must pause to observe and enjoy it.


Sky brilliant blue, temp 2c.

Time for G&T (…or maybe a warming dram)