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Collecting handfuls of produce in from the garden is one of life’s little pleasures, and September provides it in abundance…



The glorious Summer of 2013 doesn’t seem to know when to stop spoiling us.  This week it has had a second (or third) wind with warmth and sun that has kept some of the summer crops flowing, ripening in a more prolific way than might be expected in late September.

So today’s cropping has been a pleasurable mix of the summer (tomatoes courgettes, Patty Pan summer squashes) and Autumn (various varieties of winter squashes, apples and pears.)

I’m sure we are in for a rude awakening when this amazing season finally gives up the ghost.  But when it does we can be happy with what it gave us, wrap ourselves in the pleasures of autumn, light the logs on the stove and spend some time in the kitchen cooking the fruits of summer’s labour (squash and apple recipes at the ready.)

Temp 15c, cooler than recent days, sky blue with a little greyish cloud building.

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