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This evening the High Bank gardens had the pleasure of a juvenile green woodpecker’s company.

baby-green-woodpecker-22It lingered a long while, munching on the canapes laid out over the lawns while we pondered the beautiful shade of green that coloured its wing feathers.

It was up until this point just a pleasurable interlude during our routine evening garden tasks until we paused to find out from the all powerful Google what it might have been eating.  It turns out that the green woodpecker has a penchant for ants.  Yes we had stumbled upon a potential weapon in the fight against our arch-enemy.

Unfortunately a tractor came along to scare the bird off into the trees and out of our lives long before it had the chance to make a dent in the High Bank ant population.

Now we send out a plea to anyone who might know where we can get a breeding pair of green woodpeckers….

Sky blue in early dusk, temp 14c.

Time for G&T