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Summer has been blazing away nicely.  Here on the Shropshire/Herefordshire Border, much like in most of England, we have been slow-baked to perfection and appreciating every minute of it.

This summer’s guests of High Bank have been reveling in the sun-splashed landscape, enjoying the rolling hills, castles, rivers and ancient architecture under a perfect blue sky.  2013 has been a good vintage, not just for touring visitors but also for the apples bulging on the trees and the Squashes swelling atop the soil.  Herefordshire’s famous Orchards are looking more fruitful and full than for many seasons and they are a ‘must see.’

There are still a few windows in the High Bank booking diary for the remainder of 2013, grab the opportunity to escape the tourist crowds and relax in this tranquil and (thanks to the sunshine) plentiful spot.

So a big cheers and thank you to those who have visited us so far in 2013 and a big welcome to those we will yet see before the close of the year.
Sky blue, temp 21c.
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