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The High Bank blog has spent quite a bit of time contemplating the virtues and beauty of Shropshire (of which there is an abundance) but it is a little known fact that High Bank is actually situated in Herefordshire (albeit only by about 50 yards.)


herefordshire 3Herefordshire is one of England’s best kept secrets.  Stunning pastoral landscape from top to bottom with green rolling valleys everywhere you turn.  Being one of the most sparsely populated Counties in the Country it is also a pleasure to drive, cycle or walk around.  A drive through Herefordshire never fails to lift my spirits.
images-2Herefordshire Cider and Perry has protected geographic status and its ancient orchards are a common site around the county. Picture perfect orchards with traditional apple trees often with great clusters of mistletoe amongst them (another feature of the area.)
imagesHerefordshire is also well known for its abundance of black and white ancient buildings, they are so plentiful in the County that a black and white trail has been created to help visitors tour them.
High Bank’s close proximity to Shropshire’s jewel Ludlow means we are sometimes a little Shropshire-centric (and there is rich reward in being this way) but I have to confess Herefordshire has stolen my heart.

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