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Anyone who lives with a botanist/gardener/horticulturalist/ecologist will know that feeling when they are walking along with their companion only to find that they are talking to themselves and their company is five paces behind bent excitedly over a flower.  I know this because I have left my companions talking to themselves on many occasions.

P1040528Any flower can stir the heart of your inner botanist (even the dandelion clocks bring me out in a smile despite the knowledge of weeding duties to follow,) but my personal passion is for flowering trees.  Nothing in the botanical world makes my heart skip as readily as a flowering Cornus or Cherry Blossom, Hawthorne or Magnolia.  There is a life-affirming quality to the delicate newness of blossom petals sprouting from aged gnarled wood.

Japanese culture reveres the cherry blossom ‘Sakura’ season, embracing what these blooms represent; life’s sheer beauty, fragility and brevity.  It is a special idea to stop each year and celebrate this seasonal moment.

Here is a beautifully representative Haiku by Issa.

Cherry blossoms in evening. 

Ah well, today also                      

Belongs to the past. 

The Cherry Blossoms are only the tip of the iceberg in the world of flowering trees and it has been a particularly good year for those of us partaking in the pleasures of the petal, things like Horse Chestnuts, Magnolias, Sorbus species, Hawthornes, and much of the Prunus family have all been buried in bloom this year. P1040530

Dotted through the post are pictures of Cornus trees from the High Bank garden, Cornus trees are one of the most beautiful of the flowering trees, its spring flowers enhanced by large bracts that can be brilliant whites, soft pinks and greens.  The Cornus trees come into their own again in the autumn when their soft heart-shaped leaves turn a mixture of reds and purples.

P1030557This is why late spring has always been my favourite time of year, knowing my walking companions will have lonely moments as I am drawn away to the flash of petal nearby.

Sky blue, temp 18c.     Time for G&T