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Well the sun is most certainly shining on South Shropshire.  A great spell of bright, dry weather has been gracing us for a good time now. So dry in fact that we wonder if Mother Nature has lost all sense of subtlety, passing us swiftly from flood to drought with little in between.   And still in spite of the sun, the temperature drags its feet.


The shining sun it appears is enough to bring some things out of hibernation, not least  P1040393 P1040394 P1040395the Asparagus, now in its third year and finally established enough to crop.  The first taste of High Bank Asparagus coming soon to whoever has timed their visit to most perfectly coincide with this King among crops…



Here are a few of the blooms around High Bank encouraged out by the sun.  A lovely viburnum with a scent so glorious and strong it can be smelled from ten strides away (and even makes Maude smell sweet when she sits this close.)



And a couple from the High Bank Magnolia collection in flower.








Sky brilliant blue, temp 14c.

Time for G&T