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It has been quite a dry start to the year though of course very cold.  However the temperatures have finally caught up and we are being treated to some rather nice weather.  It arrived late for its own party but spring has finally joined us.

The High Bank vegetable garden looks derelict, more like February mid-April but at least the benches in the greenhouse are at last full of shooting seedlings.  Courgettes, squashes, tomatoes, sweet peppers, broad beans, mange touts, sweet corn are all jostling for space. A new squash variety to us called ‘sweet meat’ has taken an early lead witP1040379h some very robust looking seedlings.  This seed came to us from High Bank’s friend and favorite snail the snail of happiness.  Judging by the ‘chunky’ seeds and robust nature of the seedlings I expect big things from the sweet meat squash, watch this space.

We have been eager for spring to begin, over the last few weeks all the veg beds have been weeded and prepared.  Some rich and matured muck was added to the beds in early autumn and though the offensive rains have leached much of its goodness it has still proven a great soil conditioner, digging it over was a real pleasure, and the worm content of the soil also seems to have greatly increased.

Also under the umbrella of ‘Spring prepping’ was the cleaning of the greenhouse glass.  The cold crispness of early spring was not nearly as pleasurable with your hands in a bucket of water.   But once done we were most definitely one step closer to spring, the glass now shines against the morning sun.

It was as if the whole of nature was waiting for this temperature change, in one week the seedlings have burst, the fruit tree buds have bulged, the slugs have awoken, the flowering trees have sprung colour, the frogs and toads have fornicated and a sense of life has pushed away what felt like an immortal winter.

Sky blue, temp 14c.

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