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Winter has a grip on 2013 and won’t let go.  So instead of fighting it we have filled High Bank with the flavour of winter.  Boston Squash Soup.

The final Squash from last summer’s (I use the word ‘summer’ to add a little humour to the post) bountiful harvest.  This bad boy weighed in at about 10kg and using just half of it has produced about 10 litres of soup.


Our squash soup recipe has no precision, its all down to mood and the gamble of whichever are the first five spices to be reached in the pantry.  The only constants are of course the squash, onion, ground mustard seeds and stock.  After this it can be any combination of curry powder, ginger, cumin, garlic, coriander…  This approach means we get to try something new each time, which can be helpful when you have such a lot of Squash to get through.

The only down side to this mass soup production is that someone has to wrap up warm and stand over the chest freezer long enough to find space for the surplus litres.

Sky white, a light spattering of snow, temp 0c.

Time for G&T.