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Sunday mornings were designed for two things only, lying in bed with a good book or a relaxing walk.  When the desire for the former is beaten, we have glorious Ludlow inviting us to do the latter.  Beginning on high at Whitcliffe with the best view of the town, the spires of the church, the crumbling castle towers all set against the rolling Shropshire hills in the distance.

dinhamThrough the soft Beech woods down to Dinham Bridge we then circumnavigate the castle and arrive at the market square.  Many Sundays you can discover a flea or antique market, an opportunity mostly to peruse some lovely second hand books.  There is a warm atmosphere on a Sunday in Ludlow, as many others take the opportunity to enjoy a promenade.  It doesn’t matter that most of the shops are closed, indeed it can be seen as an advantage, the stunning architecture and beauty of the town is always a greater draw than the distraction of retailing.  We take in the beauty of Broad Street (my favourite street in town,) then the black and white beauty of the bullring, the ornate woodwork at the feathers (described in the New York Times as ‘the most handsome Inn in the world,’) the grand church and its clear views on this blue-sky morning and finally stop off at De Greys Bakers to collect a cake to take home for afternoon coffee (almond slice highly recommended.)  Finally returning with a head full of calm via a visit to the ducks in the river at Dinham Bridge, currently learning white water rafting after the winter rainfall.

It is a testament to the quality of a town that it can draw such pleasure even while most of its retailers are closed.

Sky blue, temp 7c.

Time for tea and cake.