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Well 2012 looks set to end as it ran, in perpetual sogginess.  The ground is wet though thankfully our ‘high bank’ has helped us to avoid the water-logging that is affecting many areas.  It doesn’t bode well for the winter crops toughing it out under the constant deluge.  The purple sprouting broccoli, red onions and garlic are all sitting tight, possibly rotting and potentially becoming confused by the weekend’s 10c temperature.

It has definitely been the year of the rain drop but it shouldn’t dampen the holiday spirit.  We celebrated the solstice yesterday with a cheeky seasonal cocktail and festivities continue today with the arrival of some of High Bank’s friends.

Our first cocktail of the season is the Royal Flush. 2 Parts Whisky, 1 part Peach Schnapps and 3 parts Cranberry Juice.  Slips down nicely.  The bright yellow ‘lemon drop’ chili peppers grown this summer have made attractive decorations (whilst hanging to dry at the same time,) the wood burning stove is lit, a little laughter and a large stock pot of Boston Squash soup courtesy of the most successful crop of the year and the celebrations at High Bank are ready to go.

A very Merry Christmas to all of High Bank’s friends, family, guests and visitors. CHEERS!

Sky grey, rain steady, temp 8c.

Time for a Royal Flush over ice.