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It has been a gentle descent into winter.  A couple of weeks with morning frosts leading into the best of winter days; hard ground, white dusted foliage, visible breath and most importantly bright sunshine.

Most of us are quite adept at making the best of these conditions, getting pleasant outdoor jobs done, or like Maude the High Bank Spaniel bounding over the grass that is firm-under-paw for the first time in months.  Not everyone is so good at dealing with bracing temperatures however, for example the two giant Agapanthus by the High Bank entrance, the meeters-and-greeters of High Bank’s friends and guests that dazzled visitors all summer with their brilliant blue blooms.

They do not appreciate the crisp winter conditions as we do and so, like the Blue Peter tortoise, we have bedded them down for hibernation.  Thick fleece should keep them snug and ready to bounce back to glory once winter slumber is over.  They were given a good feed at the end of the flowering season and without risk of frost damage they should (fingers crossed) be the friendly face at the door again next summer.


They are now safely tucked away for when the inevitable Siberian snows are dumped large upon us.  I’m a little envious, I can see the appeal of four months under feather and down.

Sky bright blue, temp 0c, no wind.

Time for G&T