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A very dear friend of High bank asked about the tomato soup recipe that was to be the destination for our glut.  It is not only a very tasty soup but also very easy…

Roast Tomato Soup High Bank Style

Place tomatoes (as many as you have, there are no measurements for this recipe) into a large oven dish/tin.  Add a peeled and quartered onion, a couple of garlic cloves and anything else that takes your fancy (basil leaves, sweet peppers…) Drizzle oil, Rape Seed* or Olive, over the top along with a splash of balsamic vinegar and throw the tray in a hot oven for 40-60mins until the toms soften and slightly brown at the edges.  This is the great thing about this recipe, the oven does most of the work leaving you free to foxtrot around the herbaceous border or relax with a cup of Earl Grey.

After cooking, allow the toms to cool and then ‘blitz’ (this is the word we use and it has only occurred to me as I type it that it may not be the technical term) the ingredients in a food processor/blender/smoothie maker until homogenized.  it is important to blitz long enough for the skins to break down.

If the soup is thick then add some vegetable stock to get a better consistency.

That is it.  Or ‘Bish Bash Bosh’ as the commercial chef/publishing megalith/idiot (delete as appropriate) Jamie Oliver would say.

Enjoy with home made bread and a glass of wine and a burning log.

Stay tuned for more tomato recipes as another friend of High Bank has given us the recipe for green tomato cake…

Sky grey, dry and blowy, temp 14c.

Time for G&T

*Our current favorite Oil is Great Ness Rape Seed Oil, produced in Shropshire, pure and beautiful and available nationwide.