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In spite of the glorious weather this weekend, there is a distinct suggestion of autumn in the air.  Misty mornings, blushing foliage…  The farmers must be feeling it too if the activity on the road is anything to go by, the usually quiet roads are bustling with tractors this week.  So before summer disappears in a piff-paff-poof, indulge me in a lingering look at the summery jungle-growth of the glasshouse.  It is still providing a steady trickle of tomatoes and sweet peppers, happy reward for the work that brought this glasshouse relic back to good working order.

The tomato plants are somewhat feral but the fruit is sweet.  Of all the varieties we have tried this summer, the best for flavour has been the good old reliable ‘Gardeners delight.’

Hopefully this present sunshine will linger on and the reddening fruit can continue.

Sky blue, temp 17c.

Time for G&T