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Driving almost anywhere in South Shropshire is a pleasurable activity, on quiet winding roads through relentlessly beautiful, pastoral landscape.  The rolling hills reveal distant vistas of honey-yellow fields, soft woodland and Lancelot Brown style estates of grand specimen trees.  These are quintessentially English scenes and seem to run endlessly in every direction.

Some of the vistas at the southern most end of the county suggest the landscape of Tuscany, lush and open with the lines of tall flexing Poplars resembling the Southern Cypresses.  This might sound like wistful dreaming but I am not the first to observe it.  In E.M. Forster’s ‘Room with a view’ the character Charlotte Bartlett states that the romantic Italian landscape reminds her of holidaying in Shropshire.

The lack of fanfare is part of Shropshire’s charm, effortless and unassuming and neglected of the attention focused on other parts of the country.  A sense of space and calm, this escape from traffic and crowds frees the mind.  It is a treasure-trove of a landscape and one enjoyed by guests at High Bank Holiday Cottage.  It is the land for walkers, romantics and dreamers.

Sky blue with fast clouds, temp 17c.

Time for G&T.