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So far in 2012 the greenhouse has been living up to its name, housing nothing of colour but the muted greens redolent of a farrow and ball test card.  It hasn’t all been foliage, there are clusters of tomatoes all around, chili peppers like little bullets and sweet peppers the size of squashed tennis balls but deprived of the sun they are all in their own way a varying shade of green.

However the final turnaround in the summer’s fortune has meant a slow and steady ripening of produce.  The sweet peppers are heading towards burgundy and the patient green tomatoes are one by one changing to oranges and reds.  So far only six tomatoes have reached full ripeness, those of the old faithful variety ‘gardeners delight.’  It is a pitiful showing considering how many plants there are and how deep into the season we have come.  Fingers crossed the crop will pick up now and the counting of the ripe produce can be done in more than ones and twos.  2012 is definitely a strange year but hopefully not the year of green tomato chutney.

Sky blue, temp 18c.

Time for G&T.