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The good thing about G&T is its ability to create an impression of summer.  Even when the rains take on a biblical nature a large G&T soon has you filled with sunny thoughts.  Always on the lookout for a new gin tasting experience I stumbled upon the finest yet.  Geranium Gin is an artisan gin with, as its name suggests, geranium as one of its floral notes.  A beautifully balanced gin with a good level of juniper and an accent of geranium that doesn’t dominate or distract from the purity of a G&T but leaves the slightest taste on the tongue of something quite special.

Produced in England as you hope a good gin to be and best served with a half-decent tonic.  Slice of lime and ice are of course all part of the G&T package.

In defiance of the wet weather I suggest mixing a large one and putting on your sunglasses and sunhat.

Sky dove grey.  Rain steady.  Temp 15c.

Time for a Geranium G&T.