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The ideal place to begin is somewhere positive, and in a summer like this one the productive garden doesn’t have so many positives.  So we will focus our attention on the large glasshouse as it is the most lush and life-giving space at High Bank presently, Tomatoes, Sweet Peppers, Hungarian Wax Peppers, Hot Peppers, Lettuce and Melons strive for dominance, dripping with flowers and/or fruit and showing that some cropping at least may take place this year.  The glasshouse is one of 2012’s triumphs, this time last year it was a derelict 36ft timber frame with barely a glass panel to its name and now stands pride of place, a workhorse for productivity and a sanctuary from the more regular bouts of summer rain.

It was a worthwhile job, painting, glazing and replacing the odd bit of rotten wood, working well in the ethos of High Bank to use what already exists instead of starting again with a shiny new structure.  Help in this mammoth task came in the form of High Bank’s dear friend Moominjon, my sidekick in structural and technically minded tasks.  A rewarding job as the glasshouse looks rather fine in completion and the restoration work was a pleasure, successfully balancing the serious finesse of glass-cutting with a game of ‘which famous people would you push from a tall building?’ (List of which may follow later…)

Judging by the growth in the glasshouse our efforts will be paid back very quickly.  Supporting the chant of the hard worker that you only get out what you put in.

Sky grey.  Light drizzle.  Dreich. 18c.

Time for G&T (well what else was I to do!)